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Summerland by Roger Hinz

Summerland - Roger and Kevin
by Roger Hinz

© Copyright – Roger Hinz / Pacific Records (824767322522)
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Acoustic driven light rock.
Genre: Rock: 70’s Rock
Release Date: 2008

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1. Summerland

2. Time for the Children

3. All in love again

4. Champions

5. I believe

6. Rockstar

7. Concrete Cowboy

8. Surrounded

9. Ole’

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Album Notes

Roger Hinz: Actor Songwriter

In 1983 Roger moved to L.A. from Minneapolis, Minnesota to pursue an acting and songwriting career. He worked in a number of soap operas movies and sitcoms.

Roger met Keven Crider in 2005 a musician from the San Fransisco Bay Area and they knew there was music to be made!

They immediately started working on 3 songs for the soundtrack to a movie Roger has written. Titled: Noah’s Park

The project turned into a 9 song CD called ‘Summerland’ with a message to pick up your spirits!

This acoustic driven CD is for good times I hope you enjoy it!
Roger Hinz
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Kevin Cider album Signatures with multiple rock stars guests can be found here!

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